• Power cable is an assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath, used for transmission of electrical power.
    HNT has rich experience in power cable manufacturing, and has finished many projects in power cable manufacturing plants.

     HNT offers 3 different types of power cable extrusion solutions: the GJS series, the 200+120 model, and the one-step silicohydride cross-link insulation extrusion line, covering power cable range from LV to EHV, and accepting most materials such as PVC, PE, XLPE, LDZH, LDLH, semi-conducting PVC, semi-conducting PE and etc.

    The GJS series is the main extrusion series provided by HNT for cable extrusion, can handle most types of cable extrusion. The 200+120 model is designed specifically for HV - EHV cable extrusions, and is chosen the most by our customers for power cable extrusion. The one-step cross-link extrusion line is specifically designed for LV - MV cable extrusions, featuring warm-water cross-linking technology.

    For power cable conductor stranding, HNT recommends JLK frame rigid stranding series for high efficiency, fast line speed and excellent durability. 

  • Building wires are used in construction of almost every residential, industrial, and commercial property in the world, carrying electrical current to all power applications in a building or a house.

    HNT offers 2 different types of power cable extrusion solutions: the 3 × 70 tandem extrusion model and the EX high speed wire extrusion series. 
    The 3 × 70 tandem extrusion model is designed for high efficiency and fast extrusion.
    The EX high speed wire extrusion series features not only high production speed and extrusion output, but also the automatic and intelligent packaging and stacking systems linked after the extrusion process. 

    For building wire stranding, HNT recommends JLK frame rigid stranding series and the concentric stranding series for highest production line speed.

  • Photovoltaic cable, also known as PV cable, refers to the single-conductor electrical wire and cable assemblies that connect various components in a photovoltaic system.

    HNT has been working with both domestic and foreign partners in PV cable projects and we offer a model specifically designed for PV cable extrusion, featuring high extrusion output and line speed.

  • Electronic wires and equipment wires and cables are mainly used in different sorts of equipment, and also in communication areas.


    HNT has offered mature solutions for manufacturing electronic wire and cable, such as Teflon wire extrusion and flat (elevator) cable extrusion, both of which are designed by HNT and specifically for our customers.

  • Automotive wires are used in all types of vehicles for transmission of electrical power and signals.

    HNT offers a solution for high speed automotive wire insulation extrusion, featuring high output, steady and great quality, and automatic coiling and packaging systems.

    For automotive wire stranding, HNT recommends choosing JLK frame rigid stranding series and the concentric stranding series for the balance of maximum line speed and steady performance. 

  • Rubber wires are mainly used in situations which require high resistance to abrasions, temperature change and chemicals.

    HNT provides rubber wire extrusion series that can be specifically designed for customers with different needs. 

  • Special wire and cable are used in specific areas with high-standard requirements such as aerospace, nuclear power plant, robots and etc. 

    HNT offers design service to satisfy specific need for cable and wire machinery of customers. HNT already has successful experience for designing machinery for special wire and cable, such as fire-resistant wire and cable, fiber optics and etc.