2024 Dusseldorf Cable and Tube Exhibition in Germany

The 2024 Dusseldorf Cable and Tube Exhibition in Germany was a complete success

One of the characteristics of this exhibition is the integration of technology and fully automated innovative elements. Various intelligent devices and green environmental protection concepts have been fully demonstrated, bringing an unprecedented audio-visual feast to the audience.

Hengtai displayed cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in this exhibition. The exhibition met some old customers from all over the world and attracted some new visitors to stop and visit. At the same time, some customers came here for fame.

During the exhibition, it was not only a display, but also a communication and discovery. Our technicians and sales engineers had in-depth exchanges with customers, allowing visitors to have a deeper understanding of our products, recommending our latest and best products and solutions to customers, and helping them solve the problems in wire and cable production, and achieve more efficient and fully automated wire and cable production.

We not only introduced the company's main advantage products to customers, but also displayed our hot-selling wire and cable production equipment. For example, rigid stranding machines, concentric stranding machines, double twisting machines, extruders, cable packaging machines, rewinding production lines, etc. . .

During the exhibition, we had in-depth exchanges with peers and customers from all over the world, shared the latest market information and each other's experiences. Thank you to every friend who visited our booth. It is your support and trust that enables us to share more innovations and breakthroughs. We hope to get together next time to discuss the future development direction together!


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