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Wuxi Hengtai Cable Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.. was established in 1995, and is a tech-based manufacturing expert of cable machinery and related products. Hengtai dedicates to the design, research&development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent cable machinery and related products. Right now, Hengtai has more than 150 employees, 15,000 square meters of workshops and multiple CNC precision machine tools.


Hengtai builds corporate brand and core competitiveness with "non-standard mechanical design, R&D and manufacturing capabilities", and can provide customized cable machinery and equipment according to customer needs. The main products include wire and cable extrusion production lines, stranding production lines, coiling and packaging production lines, and other related auxiliary equipments such as take-ups and pay-offs. The application range covers power cables, construction cables, data cables, electronic cables, automotive cables and etc.

Power Cable Machine

An assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath, used for transmission of electrical power.

Building Wire Machine

Used in construction of almost every residential, industrial, and commercial property in the world, carrying electrical current to all power applications in a building or a house.

Photovoltaic Cable Machine

Single-conductor electrical wire and cable assemblies that connect various components in a photovoltaic system.

Electronic Wire Machine

Used in different sorts of equipment, also used in the area of communication.

Automotive Wire Machine

Used in all types of vehicles for transmission of electrical power and signals.

Rubber Wire Machine

Used in situations which require high resistance to abrasions, temperature change and chemicals.

Special Wire and Cable Machine

Used in specific areas with high-standard requirements such as aerospace, nuclear power plant, robots and etc



01.Does your factory have certificates for international standards?

Yes, we have CE and ISO-9001 certificates.

02.What’s the history of your company?

Our business established in 1995 with only 3 employees. In September 2000, Wuxi Hengtai's first Ф120 cable sheath extrusion production line was put into operation in Hangzhou Futong Group. In July 2002, Wuxi Hengtai's first fiber optic cable steel wire armoring production line was put into operation for the Prysmian Group in July.In October 2002, Wuxi Hengtai started cooperation with NOKIA-MAILLEFER Group, providing supporting equipment for the VCV production line equipment in Shenyang Furukawa Group. In 2004, we acquired new lands and expanded scale of production. In August 2008, Wuxi Hengtai's first set of JLK 630 separate motor-driven lump loading frame rigid stranding machine production line was put into operation in Jiangsu ZTE GROUP. In June 2009, Wuxi Hengtai's first set of automatic wire coiling and packaging machine was successfully developed and put into operation in Zhengzhou Third Cable Company. In 2018, Wuxi Hengtai completed the overall design and construction of intelligent wire manufacturing factory for Guizhou Yourday Group, realized fully automatic packaging and storage process, and successfully passed provincial acceptance of Guizhou.

03.Can you design based on provided specifications?

Yes, our machinery could be designed to match specifications customer required.

04.Do you have any reputed clients world widely?

We have worked with top cable groups around the world, such as Prysmian Group, LS Group, Furukawa Group, Elsewedy Group, Shangshang Cable Group, Hengtong Group, TBEA, Nexans and many other reputed clients. 

05.How can I know more about your factory?

Please visit our website: , or feel free to contact us via, telephone:+86 0510 83788508, mobile:+86 15206198066

06.Will you provide after sales service?

We have a professional and excellent team dedicated to providing customer with after sales service. We are known not only for our products, but also for our thorough service. 

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